4 Salesforce Video Tools for Improving Client Prospecting

In 2018, the state of video marketing sounds a little something like this: 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. From social media advertising to product explainers, there’s no shortage of video integration when it comes to the B2C buyer’s journey.

Similarly, from the marketing side of things, B2B businesses have started to use similar strategies for the sake of building customer interest towards conversion. From a sales-client perspective, however, there’s a fair deal of ground to be covered when it comes to successfully prospecting with video.

Regardless of the business model or customer lifecycle, video’s ability to capture attention remains constant. And for sales teams, this ability proves most useful when incorporated into the sales email automation workflow.

If your sales team has yet to explore the possibility of video in complementing email prospecting efforts through Salesforce, let the research begin. Here are 4 Salesforce video tools sure to take those emails, automated or otherwise, to the next level of lead generation.


Wistia promotes itself as “video software for the video-loving business”, garnering the interest of (and adoption among) companies such as MailChimp, Squarespace, and Casper. They’re an internet video hosting and analytics company that invests heavily in customer education, in addition to its handful of free and premium solutions.

One of these videos solutions comes in the form of its recent Soapbox Chrome extension. With Soapbox, sales teams are able to record presentations, pitch-decks, and more with a unique split-screen view capability. Once finished, share links can be distributed across a variety of channels for easy display.

Wistia also offers a Salesforce integration. While in Salesforce, sales reps can work within video-enabled sales templates, select from a library of their pre-recorded videos, and send. After a client has watched a video, the viewing data will then appear in Salesforce for the sake of influencing additional follow up strategy.

Wistia Pro starts at $99 per month, with 10 free videos and a 25 cent charge for each additional video.


Similar to Wistia, Vidyard provides teams with software for hosting and analyzing video performance. Built with marketers in mind, some of their primary features include A/B testing capabilities, free automatic transcriptions, the support of 4k and 360 video, automatic optimization for SEO, video hubs, and more.

On the selling side of things, the offerings prove a little less robust.

Vidyward GoVideo is a video recorder for B2B sales professionals. Similar to Wistia, this tool functions as a Chrome extension with recordings that are then able to be integrated into various sales software workflows (e.g. Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.).

When prospects watch your videos uploaded from Vidyard, analytics are provided within the CRM (customer relationship manager) for monitoring of sales team performance. Notifications can be set up for when someone views a video, in addition to developing pre-built Salesforce reports.

Vidyard pricing is available by quote only.


Unlike the two integration-based tools — Wistia and Vidyard — mentioned above, all of LeadGenVideo is the application of NativeVideo’s framework that lives directly within Salesforce. This means rather than uploading previously recorded videos from the library of a third party app, you’re able to natively record video within Salesforce itself. You don’t need multiple login credentials, training, or support; it is truly a complete Salesforce experience from beginning to end.

Ease of user experience aside, from a data perspective, you can rest assured knowing all sales and video data related to your potential prospects is stored in one centralized location: your CRM. With this information living in one place and attached to each lead, you can generate standard reports and dashboards, and build custom workflows and processes — even incorporate Salesforce Einstein into the mix.

LeadGenVideo provides a 1-click recording experience, running off both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Additionally, to drive adoption across sales teams, the tool provides the ability to specify a set of questions prior to recording so that sales reps know what to say when on screen. This experience is completely customizable, providing your team with the flexibility it needs to build a recording and browsing experience all their own.

From a measurement standpoint, LeadGenVideo provides extensive analytics to better inform your sales team of next steps. Metrics recorded include how many times an email was opened, the number of times a page with a video was loaded, the number of times a video message was played, and the number of times a video message played through to its end. These numbers are provided in Salesforce as data associated with each relevant Salesforce account or opportunity.

LeadGenVideo pricing starts at $249 per month per Salesforce Org, including 100 minutes of recording that can be used to create as many original videos as you want.


Last on the list of Salesforce video tools, Panopto sets part of its focus on relationship development across sales teams, rather than those between client and seller. Their aim is to foster better communication between salespeople, whether in the field or based at headquarters, through video and the use of Salesforce Chatter.

Their integrated Salesforce video solution allows teams to record from a mobile device or laptop, for upload to Chatter. This gives reps the opportunity to ask questions, share updates and insights, and offer support through on-demand video. In theory, their belief is that this type of communication aids in developing more connected sales teams. Especially for those remotely scattered and prone to isolation, video brings coworkers to life and encourages conversation through morale-boosting methods.

Additionally, Panopto also offers its own Salesforce video integration for prospecting. Teams can send video presentations and pitches to potential leads, as well as record or upload call recaps to different accounts and opportunities.

Panopto pricing is available by quote only.

Final Thoughts: Salesforce Video Tools for Client Prospecting

Although the client base and needs may differ, video for B2B sales proves valuable in driving interest and closing deals. For sales teams, this means it’s now easier than ever — thanks to various Salesforce video tools — to get in front of prospects throughout the sales cycle with communication that’s both engaging and data-driven.

Ready to see a Salesforce video tool like LeadGenVideo in action? Check out our short recorded demo below.

LeadGenVideo adds a personalized short video recording to your lead generation emails. Create authentic, tailored and effective communication, directly within your Sales Cloud Salesforce Platform.