Release Update: Screen recording, Custom call to actions & Uplift to LeadGenVideo

Another great day at NativeVideo, today we have released a new version of our video framework for Salesforce and a big update on the LeadGenVideo app.
Really exciting times, let's dig into the new functionalities available on the AppExchange starting today.

NativeVideo enters version 1.13

Follow us on our exciting journey and learn more about our favourite Salesforce video framework, the only one that offers you a highly customisable set of Lightning components to bring video recording and browsing functionalities on top of any business process mapped in Salesforce.
Let's take a look to the key updates of version 1.13, available on the AppExchange here:

Screen Recording

From now on, your users have 3 options when it comes to bringing video to any Salesforce object: record from their webcam, upload an existing video or capture their screen.
By capturing their screen it is now possible to record video tutorials or demos from the current session and talk over the screen without ever leaving Salesforce. Pretty cool.

In order to activate this option, just set to true the new "screenRecordingAllowed" attribute on the VideoRecord component.
As a result, your end users will be prompted with 3 options, and once the "Record Screen" option has been selected, they will be asked to pick which window or tab they want to capture:

NativeVideo for Salesforce now includes screen recording

NativeVideo for Salesforce now includes screen recording

Call To Action

Under some circumstances, it would be very useful to present to our users with an option at the end of the video, so that they can take action straight away. For instance, it would be great to show a calendar at the end of a video pitch, so that the prospect can book a meeting with you, or a survey once the micro-tutorial video has ended, so that we can test their learning... well, from this release, this is now possible.

On the VideoRecord Lightning component there is a new optional attribute called "callToActionURL", that allows you to specify the URL of the page you want to show your users once the video has reached the end.
In order to display the call to action page, you will also need to activate the "showCallToActionURL" attribute on the VideoList Lightning component, so that the call to action is displayed just where it's meant to be.


LeadGenVideo grows to version 1.2

There are many enhancements included in the latest release of LeadGenVideo, an AppExchange solution that allows business developers and account executives to get in touch with their prospects via video messages, offering a personalised, authentic and direct way to engage leads and ensure an higher conversion rate.

First of all, LeadGenVideo v1.2 now integrates the screen capturing functionalities, so that users are presented with all available options between recording a video message via webcam, upload an existing video and recording their screen.

Once the video has been created, a more advanced user interface is now available, allowing the definition of BCC email addresses (comma separated), and the optional call to action URL displayed to your prospects:

LeadGenVideo allows the definition of BCC emails and of the call to action URL

LeadGenVideo allows the definition of BCC emails and of the call to action URL

Once the user has pressed the "Send" button, an email with the thumbnail of the video is then sent to the prospect, encouraging them to open and watch the video.

Once the video message has been watched to the end, two new features will be triggered:

  • The user that has sent the video message to the lead will be notified via email, so that he can follow up straight away
  • The prospect will be presented with the call to action page defined during the creation of the LeadGenVideo message.

As an example, if a Calendly URL has been specified for the message, the prospect will be offered with the possibility of booking a call directly with you, as an immediate call to action:

Example of a call to action displayed at the end of a LeadGenVideo

Example of a call to action displayed at the end of a LeadGenVideo

You can find more detail on how LeadGenVideo works here.


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