Ditch the Phone Interview: 4 Video Recruiting Strategies to Tap Top Talent

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Bored with old-school tactics? The traditional recruiting process is past due for an upgrade. 

Using video to attract and interact with candidates adds a nice modern touch — but that’s not the only reason to explore the possibilities. There are so many business benefits that can be achieved with a focus on video recruiting.

Here are several ideas to incorporate video recruiting into your hiring process to find greater success and to engage candidates who are truly the best fit for your organization:


1. Use Video in Your Job Posts

According to CareerBuilder UK, job postings featuring video icons are viewed 12% more than those without. Furthermore, using video in job postings results in a 34% greater application rate. Who knew?

But these aren’t the only reasons to employ a video recruiting strategy in tandem with new job posts. According to Recruiting.com, videos can also help you to reach more relevant candidates thanks to their positive impact on SEO.

This video recruiting tactic is especially effective because of how it helps to humanize a company, providing insider information about what it’s like to work there. Certainly, it’s hard to communicate with this depth using text or voice alone!

Adding video to job postings also helps to qualify your best candidates so that you know there’s some type of fit when they apply. Think of it this way: video creation doesn’t have to be a big production — it might even be better if you focus on simple shots that give off a “home movie” aesthetic. The most important thing you can do is to show off your people in the same type of environment that candidates could expect to work in when hired.

When shooting video, create short and long-form content assets. You’ll want to test how time lengths of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute (or longer) perform. On a similar note, if you’re promoting a new position across various owned media channels, you’ll want to tailor your message (and video length) accordingly.

Here are a few ideas to inspire your first recruiting video:

1. Homeserve’s video recruiting strategy puts a focus on attracting candidates who align with their mission statement:


2. Spotify’s video recruiting strategy is a little more “what’s in it for me”, showing off employee benefits and other perks that come with working together:


3. Salesforce UK throws their hat into the video recruiting ring with this video about how awesome their workplace is:


If you’re still stuck, find even more examples of video recruiting to inspire your efforts on RecruiterBox.


2. Use Video on your Career Website

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — text isn’t nearly as engaging as video.

If your organization does a lot of hiring, you probably have a “careers” page already set up. The question is whether or not it’s effectively converting qualified visitors to fill out a job application. 

Test out the possibilities and add some color to your careers page with video recruiting. Create video snippets to showcase different aspects of your company. Focus on sharing information about things like company culture, diversity, specific job roles, and community.

Since using video encourages sharing, consider repurposing your careers page videos on your company’s social channels to increase engagement — and direct more qualified candidates to apply!


3. Use Video to Reach Out to Passive Candidates

Those actively involved in recruiting are well aware that some of the best candidates are not actively looking for jobs. Knowing this, you have to make special efforts to reach them and pique their attention. Taking the opportunity to film a personalized video doesn’t take a lot of time but it certainly can leave a big impression on the passive candidates you want to apply for an open role.

Pro tip: NativeVideo (which integrates with Salesforce) offers analytics in the form of various engagement metrics so that you can determine how effective your video recruiting efforts actually are.

Out of the box NativeVideo's engagement analytics

Out of the box NativeVideo's engagement analytics


4. Use Video for Interviewing Top Candidates

Phone interviews can only tell you so much about a job candidate. We’ve already shared how one-dimensional phone interviews can be in terms of deciding between job candidates — especially because they don’t allow recruiters to analyze body language.

Video, on the other hand, is a cost-effective communications medium. Traveling to a candidate or making frequent calls costs money that scales up but using video can operate on top of an existing internet connection at no additional cost (besides the fixed cost of your software). For these reasons, video recruiting is ideal for connecting with candidates from afar as an initial interview medium.

Pro tip: Using TalentVideo, you can set your own interview questions and specific time limits to standardize the process and make it easier for your hiring team to compare candidates 1-1. Another useful feature of using this tool? You don’t have to set aside specific times in your schedule for conducting interviews — just give candidates a timeline for expected interview completion. They can even take care of this step while you’re sleeping!


Final Thoughts: 4 Video Recruiting Strategies to Tap Top Talent

There are so many different ways to make use of video recruiting that you shouldn’t stop with the ideas shared in this article. To take the next step, make a list of companies that are killing it with video recruiting and refer back to them for inspiration as you explore the possibilities.

Another idea for moving forward? Get in touch to learn more about best practices for implementing TalentVideo at your Salesforce organization. It’s time to replace the phone interview stage with something more useful and actionable!

How is your organization incorporating video recruiting into your hiring process? Any useful tips you can share? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!