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12 Ways in Which Video is Transforming Field Service - Check our White Paper here
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Our solution for Connected Field Service workers - transform Customer Experience with Video!
Our focus is to bring Video to mobile/service workers and enabling them to hugely improve their efficiency and effectiveness in capturing and storing data records of their visit/service work, transforming their customer experience with a whole new level of Service Report, video-based and completely automated.
February 4th 2020
#2020 Goals - tips for a super effective start of the New Year!
Our first NativeVideo post of #2020 is focused on setting New Year’s Goal (and NOT “resolutions”). There is always huge energy in new beginnings, and it is a great opportunity to channel all this energy towards things that we want to achieve or that we want to change.
January 7th 2020
Meet the Finalists Who Competed in the First-Ever TechnoJam at Dreamforce - Guest Post by Holly Rushton, Senior Manager, Content Marketing at Salesforce
A TechnoJam takes the well-known game-show style Demo Jams to a deeper level — really aiming to scratch that technical itch. Partners to present their app with sufficient technical detail — tackling large data volumes, integration, deployment, governance, pliability, and security — all in 15 minutes or less.
December 12th 2019
Entering the "Post-Typing Era" - are your Salesforce users ready?
From asking Siri and Alexa, to audio and video messages, to video calls, technology is bringing major changes to the way we communicate and exchange information. Are you ready to make text fields a thing of the past and bring a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to your operations?
December 10th 2019
NativeVideo wins the Salesforce ISV DemoJam 2019 event in London!
...and the winner is NativeVideo! A big thank you to the Salesforce ISV Community that voted for our solution at the Salesforce ISV Meetup DemoJam! Great night of innovators on stage, as always very well organised by Maritina Tsembelis and with amazing MVP hosts like Louise Lockie and Francis Pindar! Check out the video from the night of the event!
December 5th 2019
5 Elements of the Perfect Sales Video Pitch
Whether prospecting with video or recording the perfect video pitch, there’s something to be said for materials that haven’t just been copied and pasted from one potential client to the next. Personalize the experience from beginning to end and your sales numbers will likely be the better for it.
April 5th 2019
Sales Alignment with Customer Success: Closing the Gap with Video
Having issues getting sales alignment with your customer success team? Learn how to close the gap — with video!
October 18th 2018
4 Salesforce Video Tools for Improving Client Prospecting
For sales teams, it’s easier than ever to get in front of prospects throughout the sales cycle with communication that’s both engaging and data-driven. Check out our top picks for Salesforce video tools.
October 12th 2018
Video Interview Tips for Your First Sales Job Application
Fresh out of college and applying to your first full-time sales job? These video interview tips will help you ace your first impressions.
October 5th 2018
The 8 Best Salesforce AppExchange Integrations
Salesforce is great on its own but it’s even better when you customize it for your organization. Here are our picks for the best Salesforce AppExchange apps.
September 27th 2018
How to Successfully Prospect with Video: Video Presentation Tips
Most cold outreach sales emails are easy to ignore and delete. The major issue with the average cold pitch? It reads like a copied and pasted form letter where the only personalization is the prospect’s name — if that! The rest of the content reads totally tone-deaf, prescribing a company’s solution to a problem that the salesperson can't yet verify that the prospect has. The solution to going from immediately deleted to a set appointment? For modern sales successes, it’s video. These video presentation tips will help you find success!
September 19th 2018
Sales Recruiters: Best Practices to Reduce Employee Churn
The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that in many cases, 80% of the output is the result of 20% of the inputs. For the average sales professional, this can mean that most of your efforts return little in terms of your company’s bottom line. Of course, the best salespeople quickly learn how to flip this equation to their advantage by adjusting their process to focus solely on the inputs that result in the greatest outputs. Learn from sales recruiters' best practices, trends, and actionable tips to entice the best-fit candidates to apply at your company.
September 14th 2018
Ditch the Phone Interview: 4 Video Recruiting Strategies to Tap Top Talent
Bored with old-school tactics? The traditional recruiting process is past due for an upgrade. Using video to attract and interact with candidates adds a nice modern touch — but that’s not the only reason to explore the possibilities. There are so many business benefits that can be achieved with a focus on video recruiting. Here are several ideas to incorporate video recruiting into your hiring process to find greater success and to engage candidates who are truly the best fit for your organization.
September 6th 2018
Release Update: Screen recording, Custom call to actions & Uplift to LeadGenVideo
Bringing to you a new and exciting release of both NativeVideo (v1.13) and LeadGenVideo (v1.2), updates include screen recording capability, configurable call to action displayed at the end of the video and advanced email notifications. All provided directly in Salesforce.
August 30th 2018
How Your Salesforce Organization Can Use Sales Video to Build Relationships
Modern sales communications involve much of the same, over and over again. A cold call, a cold email—pick your poison then rinse and repeat. But if you feel unengaged sending the same thing over and over again, can you imagine how bored your recipient is on the other end? Even if your message is full of enthusiasm, it’s hard to translate this over the phone or online. Enter: video communications.
July 9th 2018
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