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Salesforce Live meets our newest, native solution - Audio Notes!
Nativevideo is doing something exciting and different while at Salesforce Live UK... We are soft launching our newest solution, can you guess its name from the title☝️
November 25th 2022
The Golden Thread and London Build Expo!
Nativevideo attended the London Build Expo on the 16th and 17th of November. We learnt a lot, made great connections and now want to share our highlights from the expo with you!
November 18th 2022
🎃Happy Halloween from all of us at Nativevideo - Spooky Season Special
Here is a light-hearted, fun blog with a surprise from the Nativevideo team. But is it a trick or treat? You decide!
October 31st 2022
Customer Success with Salesforce: Sticking Points and Resolutions
Customer success equals business success! Learn why providing personal customer service is becoming a big influence for customers to stay or turn away from companies
August 10th 2022
Your Right to Repair
Right to Repair is centred around the customer and business who have bought products. But not everyone supports this initiative. Learn more about this vital customer right and know the decisions affective your rights
July 20th 2022
We’re sustainable, straightforward and streamable, even Salesforce noticed!
We're very excited! Nativevideo has been recognised by Salesforce as sustainable solution and we’ve being featured in their curated Sustainability page on the AppExchange
June 6th 2022
April fools prank or frank? Know what you mean with our Salesforce tool Leadgenvideo
Speak directly to your leads and customers from within Salesforce via video messaging and custom emails, so you say exactly what you want to say with no misunderstandings or typos
April 13th 2022
Dreamforce 2020 withdrawal symptoms? Try a different way to show up and engage!
If you , like me, miss the excitement and the buzz of preparing to show up at the Moscone Centre to connect with the Salesforce Ohana, you might want to try video messages and show up virtually and connect in a whole new way.
September 17th 2020
Video-powered Account Based Marketing - ABM, fostering collaboration between Sales and Marketing
With this post we focus on how Sales and Marketing can collaborate to make AMB - Account Based Marketing a success. A quick NativeVideo DEMO of how Sales make the most of the Marketing material that they have available, bring it to life and personalise it to make it more effective for their Prospects and Clients. Our data show that adding a video to emails increases the Open Rate by at least 20% and most importantly drives Engagement up by even 10X compared to text & image only emails.
July 14th 2020
Scientific proof that Video works better than text+images emails - Dr. Mehrabian "7%-38%-55% Rule"
A quick post to share a chart from last week’s great session by Morgan J Ingram during a fantastic SaaS Growth 2020 session, to provide scientific proof that if you are not using video in your Sales and Prospecting communication and activities you are missing out on 93% of the potential impact and effectiveness. At NativeVideo we make it easy to embrace video as a new process to create unprecedented engagement Get in touch today and let's get to work!
July 14th 2020
"Video is the next big wave in Sales" - Daniel Disney July 2020
"Video is the next big wave in Sales" says Daniel Disney in the short clip that I am sharing in my video. It is from one of my favourite weekly series on Linkedin called SaaS Marriage, co-hosted by Henrique and his wife Laura, this week with “The Million Pound Linkedin Message” author Daniel as their guest.
July 14th 2020
Video: if not now, when?
Among many more important things, during the COVID-19 emergency we have learned to turn our camera ON to feel more connected and we have discovered, for some for the first time, a new dimension of our communication: video. From personal to business - video was always a matter of "when", not of "if", and our personal experience is showing clearly that also our business communication needs the camera ON to create meaningful, authentic and effective communication. Get in touch today and let’s talk about your video strategy, because if not now, when?
June 18th 2020
NativeVideo wins the Salesforce ISV Partner Demo Jam at the Supermums virtual event!
NativeVideo is a Demo Jam Winner (this makes it 3!). Check out the 3 minutes video (all the time you are allowed for a DemoJam) to learn more how a simple solution can transform Customer Experience and deliver great engagement and impact with a couple of clicks. Big thanks to the Supermums for organising the Demo Jam event and all the audience that attended virtually and voted for us!
June 4th 2020
5 Elements of the Perfect Sales Video Pitch
Whether prospecting with video or recording the perfect video pitch, there’s something to be said for materials that haven’t just been copied and pasted from one potential client to the next. Personalize the experience from beginning to end and your sales numbers will likely be the better for it.
April 5th 2019
Sales Alignment with Customer Success: Closing the Gap with Video
Having issues getting sales alignment with your customer success team? Learn how to close the gap — with video!
October 18th 2018
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