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12 Ways in Which Video is Transforming Field Service - Check our White Paper here
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12 Ways in Which Video is Transforming Field Service
First nativevideo white paper
November 10th 2021
TargetRecruit + nativevideo webinar!
TargetRecruit + nativevideo webinar
October 28th 2021
Your guide to Dreamforce 2021: 4 must-see events!
Dreamforce 2021 will be taking place from September 21-23 and will be streamed globally via Salesforce+. With four broadcast channels and over 100 hours of content being presented, we wanted to put together a short guide to some of the most unique and valuable sessions.
September 16th 2021
Forcepreneur Podcast: "Values" - featuring NativeVideo COO Luca Benini
Last week NativeVideo’s COO Luca Benini had a great chat, now a Podcast, with Ankit Taneja, founder of as part of their amazing Forcepreneur COO series. In the conversation many themes were touched, with focus on the common experience of being entrepreneurs in the Salesforce ecosystem…
June 29th 2021
Clubhouse review & our Audio-only feature soft-launch
Have you heard of Clubhouse? Watch my video today for an intro to Clubhouse and a few related points that I believe you will find interesting. What is it? Clubhouse is an Audio-based Social Networking App that is exploding in terms of users and usage right now. It is interesting to explore more in-depth for me today for 3 main reasons.
January 26th 2021
Driving technology adoption: NativeVideo + Improved Apps Partnership delivers results
Last week the Improved Apps team, in collaboration with us at NativeVideo, held a great webinar dedicated to adoption for Salesforce. In this post we share a short clip featuring Julie Holloway from Brambles, talking about their approach to onboard 3000+ users with a 100% virtual training approach thanks to Improved Apps and NativeVideo technologies.
December 2nd 2020
Amazing results posted by our Partner Salesforce (and we are not doing too bad either ;-))
It is great to be part of such a special Ohana that is capable of delivering top performance "when the goings get tough"! "Salesforce shares jumped by 27 per cent on Wednesday, adding more than $50bn to the company’s value, after it signalled that the surge in cloud software spending sparked by the pandemic had spread to the sort of large-scale, complex transactions that underpin its own business." From the FT - earlier this week.
August 28th 2020
Scientific proof that Video works better than text+images emails - Dr. Mehrabian "7%-38%-55% Rule"
A quick post to share a chart from last week’s great session by Morgan J Ingram during a fantastic SaaS Growth 2020 session, to provide scientific proof that if you are not using video in your Sales and Prospecting communication and activities you are missing out on 93% of the potential impact and effectiveness. At NativeVideo we make it easy to embrace video as a new process to create unprecedented engagement Get in touch today and let's get to work!
July 14th 2020
And the Salesforce ISVs DemoJam Winner is... NativeVideo!
We are thrilled to announce that our NativeVideo for Automotive Service use-case has won the Salesforce ISVs DemoJam at London's Calling 2020 event, the largest Community led event for Salesforce professionals in Europe. This makes us 2X DemoJam winners
March 24th 2020
Meet the Finalists Who Competed in the First-Ever TechnoJam at Dreamforce - Guest Post by Holly Rushton, Senior Manager, Content Marketing at Salesforce
A TechnoJam takes the well-known game-show style Demo Jams to a deeper level — really aiming to scratch that technical itch. Partners to present their app with sufficient technical detail — tackling large data volumes, integration, deployment, governance, pliability, and security — all in 15 minutes or less.
December 12th 2019
Entering the "Post-Typing Era" - are your Salesforce users ready?
From asking Siri and Alexa, to audio and video messages, to video calls, technology is bringing major changes to the way we communicate and exchange information. Are you ready to make text fields a thing of the past and bring a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to your operations?
December 10th 2019
Sales Alignment with Customer Success: Closing the Gap with Video
Having issues getting sales alignment with your customer success team? Learn how to close the gap — with video!
October 18th 2018
The 8 Best Salesforce AppExchange Integrations
Salesforce is great on its own but it’s even better when you customize it for your organization. Here are our picks for the best Salesforce AppExchange apps.
September 27th 2018
How Your Salesforce Organization Can Use Sales Video to Build Relationships
Modern sales communications involve much of the same, over and over again. A cold call, a cold email—pick your poison then rinse and repeat. But if you feel unengaged sending the same thing over and over again, can you imagine how bored your recipient is on the other end? Even if your message is full of enthusiasm, it’s hard to translate this over the phone or online. Enter: video communications.
July 9th 2018
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