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Key Strategies and Features for Successful User Adoption with Nativevideo and Improved Apps
On 19th April Nativevideo teamed up with Improved Apps to jointly deliver an insight-packed session exploring 2 free Salesforce solutions. Read on to learn more.
April 27th 2023
Alfred 2.0 is Live! Here is our Live Demo Recap
Earlier this week Nativevideo hosted a Live Demo on Alfred (2.0), showing its latest GPT functionality from Exec. Summary to multi-Language comprehension. This blog takes you though some key highlights and audience interactions.
April 6th 2023
Nativevideo + Supermums: Thanks for having us!
We participated in Supermums' Sales Cloud Certification Peer Support Group Events throughout March and wanted to share a recap of our time.
March 31st 2023
TrailblazerDX & Einstein GPT: Our Experience
What a ride! TrailblazerDX 23 certainly delivered this year. Check out a recap of our experience from the Salesforce event earlier in March.
March 24th 2023
Salesforce Accelerate Grow Diaries 1: Sales, Mentors and Demo Jams!
Nativevideo is part of the 2023 Accelerate Grow Programme and we want to share our experience with you via a series of diary entries.
March 20th 2023
Our Salesforce + ChatGPT + Alfred Webinar!
Nativevideo held is first webinar of 2023 in January!! We discussed the possibilities of ChatGPT, + Salesforce + Nativevideo integration in the form of Alfred. Click through to discover what we got up to during the session.
February 7th 2023
Happy 2023 from the Nativevideo Team
Happy New Year to you all! We're still excited to share our latest innovation for Salesforce with you all. Click through to read our Holiday message and new updates about Alfred.
January 13th 2023
Nativevideo meets Salesforce 2023
Salesforce has released their Trends and Predictions for 2023. Learn how Nativevideo is already meeting many of Salesforce's predictions for the New Year.
December 20th 2022
Salesforce Live, product innovation and Alfred the Salesforce Personal Assistant!
Salesforce Live saw Nativevideo's newest, native and innovative product release. Meet Alfred, coming to Salesforce Org's near you! Learn more in our blog...
December 5th 2022
Salesforce Live meets our newest, native solution - Audio Notes!
Nativevideo is doing something exciting and different while at Salesforce Live UK... We are soft launching our newest solution, can you guess its name from the title☝️
November 25th 2022
The Golden Thread and London Build Expo!
Nativevideo attended the London Build Expo on the 16th and 17th of November. We learnt a lot, made great connections and now want to share our highlights from the expo with you!
November 18th 2022
We’re back from the Salesforce: The Heart of Service Summit!
We’re back from the Salesforce: The Heart of Service Summit and want to share some keynotes and insights with you. This may just make you reconsider how import Customer Service and Services in general are to you company performance.
November 4th 2022
🎃Happy Halloween from all of us at Nativevideo - Spooky Season Special
Here is a light-hearted, fun blog with a surprise from the Nativevideo team. But is it a trick or treat? You decide!
October 31st 2022
We’re heading to a Salesforce Service event
In under a fortnight, Nativevideo will be heading into the City of London for the Heart of Service Summit. We're really looking forward to hearing some amazing keynote speakers and seeing the latest demonstrations from Salesforce!
October 26th 2022
Our Highlights from the Field Service News Expo & Symposium
We've recently returned from the Field Service News and Symposium in Birmingham and wanted to share our experiences and highlights with you all!
October 14th 2022
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