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TargetRecruit + nativevideo webinar!
TargetRecruit + nativevideo webinar
October 28th 2021
TargetVideo: Video Interviews for TargetRecruit by NativeVideo
We partnered with TargetRecruit to bring natively integrated Video Interviews to their ATS Platform, making it possible to screen, view, rate and share Candidates' videos for a more efficient recruitment process. Check out the announcement and the full demo in this post!
August 2nd 2021
CTC PEOPLE partners with NativeVideo to embed video interviewing in its ATS
CTC People, a leading Application Tracking System powered by Salesforce, has today announced its integration with NativeVideo, the only video interview solution native to Salesforce. The technology partnership enables CTC People’s clients to access NativeVideo’s TalentVideo solution directly through its platform…
June 2nd 2021
TalentVideo - Video Interviews native to Salesforce Platform and Salesforce-based ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)
A quick intro and demo overview of our TalentVideo solution that brings Video Interviews natively to all Salesforce-based Applicant Tracking Systems and Recruitment Platforms.
February 28th 2020
Video Interview Tips for Your First Sales Job Application
Fresh out of college and applying to your first full-time sales job? These video interview tips will help you ace your first impressions.
October 5th 2018
Sales Recruiters: Best Practices to Reduce Employee Churn
The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that in many cases, 80% of the output is the result of 20% of the inputs. For the average sales professional, this can mean that most of your efforts return little in terms of your company’s bottom line. Of course, the best salespeople quickly learn how to flip this equation to their advantage by adjusting their process to focus solely on the inputs that result in the greatest outputs. Learn from sales recruiters' best practices, trends, and actionable tips to entice the best-fit candidates to apply at your company.
September 14th 2018
Ditch the Phone Interview: 4 Video Recruiting Strategies to Tap Top Talent
Bored with old-school tactics? The traditional recruiting process is past due for an upgrade. Using video to attract and interact with candidates adds a nice modern touch — but that’s not the only reason to explore the possibilities. There are so many business benefits that can be achieved with a focus on video recruiting. Here are several ideas to incorporate video recruiting into your hiring process to find greater success and to engage candidates who are truly the best fit for your organization.
September 6th 2018
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