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#2020 Goals - tips for a super effective start of the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Our first NativeVideo post of #2020 is focused on setting New Year’s Goal (and NOT “resolutions”).

There is always huge energy in new beginnings, and it is a great opportunity to channel all this energy towards things that we want to achieve or that we want to change. Check out my video below below for more context, but in essence here are our top tips for starting off with the right goals for massive impact in 2020:

  1. Do not call them resolutions, but make them GOALs
  2. Be specific in setting numbers and milestones for the things that you want to achieve in 2020
  3. Write them down. Why?
    1. It will force you to be clear on what is really important for you in 2020
    2. The list will motivate you to take action and overcome difficulties
    3. It will enable you to visualise and celebrate your achievements

The above is what we are going to use here at NativeVideo to make this 2020 HUGE!

Wishing you a great New Year, filled with big & ambitious GOALS and even bigger achievements!