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Amazing results posted by our Partner Salesforce (and we are not doing too bad either ;-))
Marc Benioff seems to be saying here: “Check out this NativeVideo solution” ;-)

It is great to be part of such a special Ohana that is capable of delivering top performance "when the goings get tough"!

"Salesforce shares jumped by 27 per cent on Wednesday, adding more than $50bn to the company’s value, after it signalled that the surge in cloud software spending sparked by the pandemic had spread to the sort of large-scale, complex transactions that underpin its own business." From the FT - earlier this week.

The unprecedented results from Salesforce during this pandemic confirm the momentum that we are seeing here at NativeVideo as part of the Digital acceleration processes to bring innovation that connects businesses and people in a whole new way and help companies navigate these difficult waters.

Companies are embracing new ways of creating and sharing information and communicating with their customers, and our Video technology is proving current, easy and effective.

We've had the best summer ever for us (maybe easier when you have only been around for a couple of summers ;-)) adding amazing global new clients and new use cases, with some great clients/projects lined up for the end of the year rally.

Digital budgets are unlocked and innovation is a must, get in touch today and let's get to work!