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Clubhouse review & our Audio-only feature soft-launch

Have you heard of Clubhouse?

Watch my video today for an intro to Clubhouse and a few related points that I believe you will find interesting.

What is it? Clubhouse is an Audio-based Social Networking App that is exploding in terms of users and usage right now.

It is interesting to explore more in-depth for me today for 3 main reasons:

  • Their launch strategy was great and very well executed, with an invite-only approach, some notable celebrities and influencers part of the "first few" and a lot of FOMO!

  • The experience is remarkable and very interesting, confirming the raise of Audio as both a consumer and a business "tool"

  • Very timely as we just launched - in Beta & Invites-only - our latest feature, Audio (notes, messages, podcasting) in Salesforce.

Let me know if you want an invite and remember to specify if you want a Clubhouse or a NV-Audio invite ;-)