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Dreamforce 2020 withdrawal symptoms? Try a different way to show up and engage!

Are you experiencing Dreamforce 2020 withdrawal symptoms?

If you , like me, miss the excitement and the buzz of preparing to show up at the Moscone Centre to connect with the Salesforce Ohana, you might want to try video messages and show up virtually and connect in a whole new way.

With Dreamforce 2020 going virtual, how can you maximise the potential of every message that you send out to all the people that you were planning to meet in San Francisco? Try this... Put on your best smile, turn ON your camera and enjoy up to 400% more engagement than text/images messages.

Want to know more and see if we can bring innovation and effectiveness natively inside your Salesforce Org and replace some of those missed connections? Book in a no-strings-attached demo call and let’s connect!