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12 Ways in Which Video is Transforming Field Service - Check our White Paper here
Enhanced Field Service Customer Experience via Video - SFS 2021

"Customer-centric field service is about creating additional value — quickly solving the customer’s problem is just the baseline. This is a multi-dimensional opportunity that touches on technology integration, process automation, advanced data analytics, and staff empowerment."

The above is from an inspired article on the Salesforce blog written by Michael Kuebel about how Customer Service needs to evolve and deliver transformative Customer Experience.

NativeVideo integration with Salesforce Field Service is designed to provide efficient, impactful and predictive Service management via #video, fully leveraging the mobile-first opportunity to transform Customer Experience.

Our Customers in Construction, Manufacturing and IndustrialGoods are empowering their Field Technicians with type-free solutions for inspection, reporting, safety and feedback via video, audio, automated transcription, AI and AR.

Let's get CX transformation on the agenda for 2021 Field Service, let's get to work!