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Field Service United #fieldnation event recap

Great session yesterday organised by the amazing people moderating the Linkedin Group “Field Service United”.

Titled #FieldNotes it is the first of hopefully many similar events: very informal, deep dive conversation on a topic proposed by the organisers #noslides, #nodemo, #nopitch.

Yesterday’s topic was #AI in #FieldService.

Great intro (and MCing) by Leigh-Anne Nugent, PMP with insights and examples coming from Michael Kuebel, Barry Roberts and Michael Maoz.

A couple of highlights:

Michael Kuebel framing AI use cases, examples and impact in Field Service:

  • AI for Predictive Asset Management

  • AI in chatbots and automation in advanced interactions with customers

  • AI to support field processes and unlock Efficiency + Effectiveness

Michael Maoz and Barry Roberts both sharing very specific examples of AI applications and impact, from deep sea assets maintenance in oil&gas, to unlocking new revenues in telcos and manufacturing.

Rob Meredith sharing Spoke AIOT experience on themes such as legacy machines and security.

We also shared our #NativeVideo “no typing” solution for field workers, with AI applied to Video recording & Audio transcription to capture structured information in #Salesforce.

Join the conversation at the @Field Service United group!