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Forcepreneur Podcast: "Values" - featuring NativeVideo COO Luca Benini

Last week NativeVideo’s COO Luca Benini had a great chat, now a Podcast, with Ankit Taneja, founder of as part of their amazing Forcepreneur COO series.

In the conversation many themes were touched, with focus on the common experience of being entrepreneurs in the Salesforce ecosystem, our great community, and the shared values that are pervasive to the Salesforce Ohana and how they help drive business by creating a higher goal.

Leadership at times of trouble + the playbook for B2B companies was also part of the conversation, and much more.

A massive thank you to Ankit for inviting us, and important mention also for Jean Michel Mougeolle (CEO of SharinPix), proud Sponsor of the Forcepreneur COO series.

Our chat is available as a podcast on your favourite platform find it here