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Launching our FREE Video solution for all Salesforce users

Today we are SUPER EXCITED to announce the launch of our FREE Video Components for Salesforce, powered by NativeVideo, available from today on the Salesforce AppExchange!

We have created a solution that can be installed "Plug-&-Play" in your Org for FREE (!!!) and will bring the power of video to your Salesforce users and your Customers. The first truly native, the easiest and most effective of all!

We also added all the resources to help you maximise the impact of videos across your Org directly inside the App, with tutorials and suggestions to guide you from First Install to Salesforce Video Master in 5 easy steps.

Transformative use cases include training videos for your users, Screen-capture videos for your Customer Support team, mobile video recordings for your Field Service users, video recording and playback inside your Community, and many more.

Check it out NOW in your AppExchange >>> FREE Video Components for Salesforce