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Nativevideo new website launch - the people and the story behind our new identity and our new home our
nativevideo new logo and identity

This week marks the rebranding of nativevideo! It’s been about three years since the beginning of our journey to bring Video capabilities native to Salesforce and we thought it was about time that we reflect our progress through design:

The nativevideo brand presents a modern and fresh look with one element standing front-and-center: the play button. As we delve further into more industries and applications, we want to pay homage to our roots as a Video solution.

Huge thank you to our team of software engineers, Omer and Alkan, and UX/UI designer, Maria, for making our renewed vision come to life. To get more insight on their work, I asked them a few questions regarding the rebranding process:

[To Omer and Alkan] What is the technological architecture behind the new website?

O+A: “Our production code is built by NextJS, a React framework. The website includes static generated pages, but we are planning to make some hybrid pages to show live demos. Our website is built with multi-language support, localized pages, and routes (it's only a matter of time before our website is populated by another language!). Our website is a PWA (progressive web application) as well, meaning it can be installed as a native application to your PC or mobile phone.”

What were the most exciting and challenging elements?

O+A: “Of course, bringing all of these different components and features together to generate a website that will serve our customers and present them with a new design made from scratch.”

And what’s next in terms of our development?

O+A: “We'll support different languages soon and include snippets of our solution on the website. We're working on the next level of recording components/elements on the Salesforce platform - including our customized video player and annotation tool.”

[To Maria] What was your inspiration for the logo?

M: “The video element was very present, so my main focus was to quickly convey that we are a video solution. After a while of trying different things, I noticed the “play” shape hidden in the word video. I thought it would be good to have that in the logo, as well as to serve as our own play icon.”

Is there a specific design structure or approach you follow?

M: “In general, the design process starts from drawing inspiration, so I started with a moodboard that would define the colours and the sort of vibe we wanted to define us. After that, it’s just a matter of designing the elements to mimic that same experience, and it’s always good to have that reference to go back to when i need it.”

What’s next in the evolution of our website/branding?

M: “The next step for us is enhancing the experience that the user has with our website and trying to merge it into something similar to a live demo. This way, they can try our solutions first hand and decide which one is the right fit for them.”

Check us out and to let me know what you think: