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Our solution for Connected Field Service workers - transform Customer Experience with Video!
Our solution for Connected Field Service workers - transform Customer Experience with Video!

“Turn Your Mobile Workers into Connected Field Service Agents”, Salesforce blog Jan2020.

Will we be laughing at a title like this at the end of this decade?

The blog article mentioned quotes some stats about mobile/field workers still not empowered with connected devices, accurate job description and access to data and Customer records.
There is big opportunity to improve and some companies have catching up to do in 2020 and beyond, and here at NativeVideo we are helping innovative companies leverage current (consumer) technologies to transform their customer experiences.

B2C companies are setting the standard for our experience as consumers, and we now expect the same in B2B interactions.

Our focus is to bring Video to mobile/service workers and enabling them to hugely improve their efficiency and effectiveness in capturing and storing data records of their visit/service work, transforming their customer experience with a whole new level of Service Report, video-based and completely automated. A storyboard with short videos describing step by step what happened and how the visit unfolded, with voice-over from the agent and your opportunity for feedback.

Adding video to Field Service Processes and Operations:

  • Add full context to the Service visit Health & Safety and Compliance steps;
  • Save up to 80% of the time spent taking notes during/after the visit thanks to Voice-to-Text automated notes
  • Transform Customer Experience when the visit is brought to life via Video Storyboard in the Service Report

In 10 years this will be the norm, and Salesforce with NativeVideo are ready today. Are you?

The original Salesforce blogpost can be found here