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Sales Alignment with Customer Success: Closing the Gap with Video
Sales Alignment with Customer Success: Closing the Gap with Video

Your sales team brings in the business. Your customer success team delivers on the business. In theory, it’s a relationship that should coexist in perfect harmony; with each side of the equation working in tandem to yield unwavering results.

Cue the eye rolls.

While this harmonic sales alignment relationship may be far from reality for most businesses, it’s certainly not unattainable. This is especially apparent when considering that the source of misalignment across sales and customer success teams — similar to that of business development representatives (BDR) and sales — is unrealistic expectations.

As HubSpot so eloquently outlines, these expectations stem from the top. Upper management walks a line between touting care for their customers and not wanting to sacrifice short-term revenue. And in the end, money wins, leaving salespeople faced with monthly numbers to reach and little concern for what happens after the fact.

Once a contract is signed, whether it’s capable of being fulfilled or not, customer success teams are left to piece together what they can in the handover. In some cases, they become the band-aid: faced with their own sets of goals to meet as best they can.

If the above situation sounds more along the lines of what you’re used to internally, turning this ship around is undoubtedly a multi-step process involving various stakeholders. However, there are simple ways to shift mindsets and mend these broken relationships through improved knowledge transfer.

Read on for more about how to close the communications gap and achieve sales alignment with customer success by using video in Salesforce.