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Video: if not now, when?

This week marks a significant milestone in the restart of our economies across Europe, where most businesses are reopening their doors and inviting people back in.

The Covid19 emergency has slowed down and we are all trying to get back to our lives.

Among many more important things, we have learned to turn our camera ON to feel more connected and we have discovered, for some for the first time, a new dimension of our communication: video.

From personal to business - video was always a matter of "when", not of "if", and our personal experience is showing clearly that also our business communication needs the camera ON to create meaningful, authentic and effective communication.

At NativeVideo we have the technology and the expertise to make it easy to bring all the power of video communication into our business, through Salesforce.

Get in touch #today and let’s talk about your video strategy, because if not now, when?