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"Video is the next big wave in Sales" - Daniel Disney July 2020

"Video is the next big wave in Sales" says Daniel Disney in the short clip that I am sharing in my video.

It is from one of my favourite weekly series on Linkedin called SaaS Marriage, co-hosted by Henrique and his wife Laura, this week with “The Million Pound Linkedin Message” author Daniel as their guest.

In past updates we have been talking about Video Messages and their impact on creating engagement and results for Sales and Business Development. We have shared data from some of our amazing Clients seeing unprecedented Open Rates and Click Through Rates when sending Video Messages. In the last post we also commented on a slide from Morgan J Ingram's presentation at SaaS Growth 2020 with the scientific proof of why Video Messages work better than text and images.

Now this week we heard that Video messages are key to break through the noise also on Linkedin

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