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Video-powered Account Based Marketing - ABM, fostering collaboration between Sales and Marketing

With this post we focus on how Sales and Marketing can collaborate to make AMB - Account Based Marketing a success.

A quick NativeVideo DEMO of how Sales make the most of the Marketing material that they have available, bring it to life and personalise it to make it more effective for their Prospects and Clients.

Our data show that adding a video to emails increases the Open Rate by at least 20% and most importantly drives Engagement up by even 10X compared to text & image only emails.

OK, so, you have some new Marketing material, an ebook or a white paper. Fantastic opportunity, as in this demo, to bring it to life for Customers and Prospects with a quick Video Intro, and then embed the document in the video player window, to allow the recipients to interact with it there and then, never losing sight of the Sales person contact details, and with a couple of quick reaction buttons to initiate a conversation.

Check it out and let me know if you are ready to turn your camera ON and create unprecedented effectiveness with your Clients and Prospects!