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How to Successfully Prospect with Video: Video Presentation Tips

Most cold outreach sales emails are easy to ignore and delete.

The major issue with the average cold pitch? It reads like a copied and pasted form letter where the only personalization is the prospect’s name — if that! The rest of the content reads totally tone-deaf, prescribing a company’s solution to a problem that the salesperson can't yet verify that the prospect has.

The solution to going from immediately deleted to a set appointment?
For modern sales successes, it’s video.

These video presentation tips will help you find success!

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How Your Salesforce Organization Can Use Sales Video to Build Relationships

Modern sales communications involve much of the same, over and over again. A cold call, a cold email—pick your poison then rinse and repeat.

But if you feel unengaged sending the same thing over and over again, can you imagine how bored your recipient is on the other end? Even if your message is full of enthusiasm, it’s hard to translate this over the phone or online.

Enter: video communications.

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