Video recording and browsing for Salesforce

Engage and convert prospects through personalised video messages


Key Benefits

Effective, 77% of buyers report that video influenced their decision to engage with the company. ROI tracking built-in.

Easy, recording directly from Salesforce, easy and flexible process focused on impact.

Efficient, minimise time spent per message and still keep the one-to-one personalisation, maximise scalability and lead gen volumes.



LeadGenVideo offers an innovative approach to follow-ups

Marketing campaign follow-up in Salesforce via personalised video messages

Your marketing team have done an exceptional job, and the latest thought leadership piece, an eBook, retargeting campaign was a huge success.
Now you have a solid list of warm leads. 

Get personal with them by adding a personalised LeadGenVideo, recorded directly from your browser and within your Sales Cloud Salesforce platform. Video is proven to boost engagement.

The step from a long list of warm leads to hot opportunities just got shorter.

Screen recording, call-to-action & notifications available in LeadGenVideo v1.2

Step by step LeadGenVideo demo of release 1.2

Locate your target Lead and click on the "Send Video Email" button in Salesforce. Record a personalised video message, either capturing a tailored demo of your product or putting yourself on camera and giving your best sales pitch. Define the email message, from scratch or via a Salesforce email template and send. Your prospect will receive an email with a thumbnail of your video, click on it and watch your full message. A page will appear at the end of the video, suggesting how your prospect can get back to you.
You'll be notified as soon as a prospect has watched your video, making it easier to identify your hot leads. More metrics are provide to measure ROI.


3 Steps to Success

Step 1: Record a personalised video message

Directly from the Lead details page in Salesforce, an account executive can click on the “Send video message” button and start recording a personalised video message. There are three options:
1. Record a message from the webcam, for example a pitch or a follow-up
2. Record the screen and talk-over it, for instance to craft a demo
3. Upload an existing video

Moving to the second section, it's possible to draft the email message, either writing the subject and body from scratch, or leveraging a Salesforce email template you have pre-defined.
You can also specify BCC email addresses and finally a call to action URL, that will be displayed to your prospect once the video has reached the end.

Now you can sit back and relax: Once the video has been fully processed, LeadGenVideo will send an email to your prospect.


Step 2: Notify and engage your prospect

Your lead will receive an email with the full message you have defined, plus a visual banner that can host any message you want, it's just an image that you can very simply upload it in Salesforce.

Clicking on the thumbnail of the video, a new webpage will be loaded and the video can be played. In this page it is also possible to show another banner, again to broadcast any message you want.

Once the video has been played to the end, a configurable webpage will be displayed replacing the player. In this way, your prospect will be more inclined to immediately action your video message, for instance by booking a meeting slot with you.


3. Measure the success, learn and improve.

You will be immediately notified as soon as the video has been watched to the end, offering you a quick link to jump back to the lead details page in Salesforce.

From there, you will be able to measure the actual engagement with your lead, in particular:

  • How many times the email has been opened

  • How many times the page with the video has been loaded

  • How many times the video message has been played

  • How many times the video message has been played until the end

All these metrics are available directly in Salesforce, allowing you to define custom marketing and engagement journeys.

We encourage you to work with your team to analyse together the effectiveness of each message, learning from different approaches and techniques, ultimately improving your prospect engagement rate.



LeadGenVideo is available for free, but it requires you to have installed the NativeVideo AppExchange package.

NativeVideo's pricing model is based on the volume of videos recorded and watched per month. The price should be considered per Salesforce Org, and not per user per month.

We have two predefined packages available here. If you prefer, get in touch and we can discuss a custom quote.



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