Video recording and browsing for Salesforce

Our Solution


Use video to extend your possibilities


We help you to engage with your audience, enable team collaboration and create internal video channels.

The videos below highlight three scenarios that showcase how NativeVideo can be used:

01 TalentVideo

02 LeadGenVideo

03 Tailored For You




Engage candidates and teams through video

  • Cost saving through time efficiency
  • Easier to find the right company-culture match
  • Faster time to hire
  • Improved quality of candidates
  • Visually appealing branded video content
  • Global reach for potential candidates
  • Collaborative experience
  • Progressive approach to business


Enable sales teams to collaborate through video

  • Consolidate the opportunity qualification process
  • Facilitate the internal review process
  • Improve quality and sales preparation
  • Collaborative team reviews
  • Simplify onboarding for new account executives
  • Visual summary of fast moving accounts
  • Easy creation of testimonial videos


Tailored for You

Leverage out of the box recording and browsing components for an enhanced Salesforce experience.

  • Available for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning
  • Record videos in HD quality, with a personalised watermark
  • Videos linked as a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship
  • Browse with a carousel component
  • Security managed by existing Salesforce configuration