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12 Ways in Which Video is Transforming Field Service - Check our White Paper here
Service Video
Faster, Smarter and Easier Field Service has arrived. Introducing: servicevideo
Just tap “Record” during the service call, capture a quick video and then tag it *internal* or *client-ready* or any tag.Then let speech-to-text create automated notes, get unprecedented visibility on your field operations, and delight your customers with video-powered Service Reports.
Service Video
Are your Field workers still typing? Field Service notes have never been easier.
With offline-first native integration with Salesforce Field Service, field service users work only within their FS App, no need to learn another technology or manage another login/ID. Just grab your device, tap “Rec” and create the best field records for internal visibility, compliance, video service reports, lead generation, case creation, knowledge transfer.
Are your Field workers still typing?
Your Premium Service promise, delivered. Bring your PDF reports to life with video
Before-during-after video reports are perfect to delight your Customers and elevate your service. Automatically add videos to your PDF reports and provide max transparency to your Customers, confirm proof of execution and prevent after-service questions and complaints.
Your Premium Service promise, delivered
Increase first-time-fix. With Video Remote Assistance and Case management, Customers can add videos to a Case when they call for Service
What if your technicians could see exactly what the issue is, on video and as described by the Customer? With video-enabled Cases, Clients can add a video directly to the Case when they are on the phone with Customer Support to report the issue. The video is then added to the Service Appointment so technicians can watch it and increase first time fix by up to 80%.
Increase first-time-fix
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12 Ways in Which Video is Transforming Field Service
First nativevideo white paper
Your guide to Dreamforce 2021: 4 must-see events!
Dreamforce 2021 will be taking place from September 21-23 and will be streamed globally via Salesforce+. With four broadcast channels and over 100 hours of content being presented, we wanted to put together a short guide to some of the most unique and valuable sessions.
Mobile workers / Field workers and their role as "Protectors of Revenues"
“Mobile workers are the face of brands. Today, their role is even more essential, according to research in the fourth edition of the Salesforce State of Service report.”
Field Service United #fieldnation event recap
Great session yesterday organised by the amazing people moderating the Linkedin Group “Field Service United”. Titled FieldNotes it is the first of hopefully many similar events: very informal, deep dive conversation on a topic proposed by the organisers #noslides, #nodemo, #nopitch.
30 seconds demo video of our Salesforce Field Service (FS) integration
In this 30-odd seconds demo we are a field technician who is on site for a service call. At any point we can tap "Record Video", capture and secure videos directly in the Service Appointment record, either recorded and uploaded on the fly if we are online, or recorded and synced later if we are offline.
Field Service focus & "20-interview-rule" process update
This post is a quick update on our pivot process towards #FieldService and an opportunity to thank our extended network for all the support received.
Have you heard of Servitization (or Servitisation if you are in the UK)?
For the Manufacturing industry Servitization is regarded as the biggest opportunity ahead, the key to their future. The Service market growth opportunity far outstrips that for Products, and the technology is ready to support this model (from IOT to Connected Service solutions). In simplified terms Servitization is the transformation process for a business to compete through services rather than simply the sale of products.
Enhanced Field Service Customer Experience via Video - SFS 2021
"Customer-centric field service is about creating additional value — quickly solving the customer’s problem is just the baseline. This is a multi-dimensional opportunity that touches on technology integration, process automation, advanced data analytics, and staff empowerment."
NativeVideo wins the 2020 London’s Calling DemoJam Award!
The news is 6 months old but the actual Award was just delivered last week with some drama as captured in the video ;-) London’s Calling 2020, the largest European Salesforce Community Event, took place back in March and it was the first major event forced to transition to virtual. NativeVideo won the DemoJam with an Automotive use case, introducing the Salesforce Ohana to the concept of empowering deskless technicians (in this case a car mechanic) to record videos directly inside their Case or Work Order.
NativeVideo wins the Salesforce ISV Partner Demo Jam at the Supermums virtual event!
NativeVideo is a Demo Jam Winner (this makes it 3!). Check out the 3 minutes video (all the time you are allowed for a DemoJam) to learn more how a simple solution can transform Customer Experience and deliver great engagement and impact with a couple of clicks. Big thanks to the Supermums for organising the Demo Jam event and all the audience that attended virtually and voted for us!
And the Salesforce ISVs DemoJam Winner is... NativeVideo!
We are thrilled to announce that our NativeVideo for Automotive Service use-case has won the Salesforce ISVs DemoJam at London's Calling 2020 event, the largest Community led event for Salesforce professionals in Europe. This makes us 2X DemoJam winners
Our solution for Connected Field Service workers - transform Customer Experience with Video!
Our focus is to bring Video to mobile/service workers and enabling them to hugely improve their efficiency and effectiveness in capturing and storing data records of their visit/service work, transforming their customer experience with a whole new level of Service Report, video-based and completely automated.
NativeVideo wins the Salesforce ISV DemoJam 2019 event in London!
...and the winner is NativeVideo! A big thank you to the Salesforce ISV Community that voted for our solution at the Salesforce ISV Meetup DemoJam! Great night of innovators on stage, as always very well organised by Maritina Tsembelis and with amazing MVP hosts like Louise Lockie and Francis Pindar! Check out the video from the night of the event!
Watch videos from previous Service Calls for best context and faster resolution
Technicians can prepare at best when they have full context and visibility on what they will find during the Service Call. With servicevideo they now have direct access to the library of videos created during previous visits and review previous problems and resolution, reducing service time and increasing effectiveness.
Watch videos from previous Service Calls for best context and faster resolution
Leads generation from the field team has never been easier and more effective
Your front-line workers have the best perspective and visibility on upsell and cross-sell opportunities when on-site. Videos can be recorded on the fly capturing the opportunity and then tagged as *lead* via servicevideo smart tagging, triggering the automated routing to the assigned Sales rep. Visibility is key to better Sales execution.
Leads generation from the field team has never been easier and more effective
Create the best Knowledge Transfer process, automatically and effortlessly
The fluidity of the hybrid workforce, the speed of innovation and the high churn of field workers often make it difficult to ensure that knowledge is created, shared and accessible in the right way. What if training videos could be created directly in field at the tap of a button, and shared automatically through Salesforce at the point of need. Tap “Record” and capture the knowledge moment, then tag it “Training” and automatically add it to the library.
Create the best Knowledge Transfer process, automatically and effortlessly
Visibility is the key to a Safer work process. Create better Health & Safety with video
Is HSE just a checklist where field workers know that they have to tap “yes” on all items to start their service? With servicevideo HSE becomes a deliberate process. Record and capture equipment and site conditions on the fly to complete the health and safety checklist. Document every step of the process for supervision and to archive as a “dashcam library”. Report incidents and issues on video, automatically and directly in your Salesforce. Seen = safe.
Visibility is the key to a Safer work process. Create better Health & Safety with video
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