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Hiring made efficient through video interviewing


Key Benefits

Productivity, cost saving through business process automation.
Ensure a shorter time to hire.

Collaboration, improving quality and consistency of your hiring process in Salesforce.

Excellence, culture-fit with a global footprint, reaching top talent worldwide.



Phone Interview Replacement - A quicker and more efficient approach to candidate screening

The good news is, your company is growing and more people are needed to support the growth. The bad news is, things are getting busier with more CVs and a ton of time spent on the phone screening interviews.

But, what if there is a better way? What if there is a quick and effective way for both candidates and hiring managers to find their match? TalentVideo is the solution!

Thanks to micro video interviews that are easy to record and even easier to evaluate: hiring managers can quickly recognise the key skills and characteristics of the ideal candidate. Candidates have an opportunity to bring their CV, attitude and personality to life.

Built as a Native App within The Salesforce Platform, TalentVideo is the solution for modern candidate screening, forget countless hours on the phone, get personal with micro-video interviews and secure the best talent!
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Step by step demo of the latest version of TalentVideo

Step by step TalentVideo demo of release 1.2

TalentVideo helps you and your team to focus on the candidates that are a good match, typically replacing the phone evaluation stage with an automated video interview. Let’s see how it works!

Once the job vacancy has been setup, define which questions you want to ask your candidates, simply creating an object in Salesforce. Then, welcome your applicants by recording a video message introducing your company, its culture, values and mission, highlighting the key skills and characteristics of the candidate that you are searching for and finally give an overview of the hiring process and timeline.

Directly from the application details page, send an invite to the candidate, either writing an email from scratch or leveraging a configurable email template. The candidates will receive a link, that will give them access to a 3 step video interview wizard":
- First, they will become familiar with your company and role, thanks to your video
- Then, they will have the chance to prepare the interview questions
- Finally, they will record a video interview. Once recorded, they can replay & retake it if they didn’t like their performance, and once happy approve it for your review.

Once approved, you will be immediately notified via email: you can either ask your candidate to retake it or you can share the video with your hiring manager, who can review it and share their comments with you.

3 Steps to Success

Step 1: Setup the Vacancy

Directly from Salesforce, describe all of the information that you have about the new vacancy. Then, attach the set of questions you want your candidates to answer, either asking all of them the same set of questions in the same order, or configuring a pool of questions that will be randomly selected. For each question, specify the text that will be displayed and the amount of time allowed for the candidates to answer.

Optionally, record a video introduction of the vacancy, introducing yourself and your company, describing the ideal candidate you are searching for and finally articulating the key steps of your hiring process and it’s expected timeline.


Step 2: Invite Candidates to Video-Apply

Once the vacancy has been setup in Salesforce, it’s time to create an application record for each candidate you might have.
From the application details page, send a personalised invite to the candidate, either writing a message from scratch or leveraging a configurable set of Salesforce email templates. Each candidate will receive an email with a link to a 3 step wizard, where they:

  • Get familiar with your vacancy, ideally through your video intro

  • Prepare for the interview, if you have decided to set questions

  • Record the video interview: they can playback and retake the interview as many times as they prefer - and finally approve it for your review


Step 3: Review & Action the Video Interview

Once the candidate has approved their video, you will be immediately notified via email. You can then review the video directly from the application page in Salesforce and decide what’s next, either asking your candidate to retake the interview or sharing the video with the hiring manager. In the latter case, the hiring manager will receive via email the link to a page where he or she can watch the video and provide a feedback on what’s next.

TalentVideo also enables you to:

  • Timestamp every step of the way, enabling the tracking of the time to hire, both at the application and at the vacancy levels

  • Search on the audio transcriptions, automatically extracted from the video interviews

  • Configure the Salesforce Lightning video components on top of your existing recruitment process, either built on a custom data model or as a result of installing a Salesforce Application Tracking Solution.

TalentVideo is available for free, but it requires you to have installed the NativeVideo AppExchange package.

NativeVideo's pricing model is based on the volume of videos recorded and watched per month. The price should be considered per Salesforce Org, and not per user per month.
We have two predefined packages available here. If you prefer, get in touch and we can discuss a custom quote.




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